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6 Memorable Virtual Birthday Party Ideas & Games In 2020With the COVID 19 pandemic, many parents are trying to find ... ...


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Posted on: 09/16/20
6 Memorable Virtual Birthday Party Ideas & Games In 2020
With the COVID 19 pandemic, many parents are trying to find new ways to take their kidís
birthday celebrations online. Even though you understand the importance of social
distancing, it's not easy for kids to grasp the concept of not having their friends to celebrate
their birthday parties with them. But, you are lucky that technology always has a solution for
almost all your problems. Video chat apps like Zoom, Google Hangouts, FaceTime are a
great option to gather kids and families in the virtual space, but there are still some challenges
like what to do once there. Some companies are now working 24/7 to solve this challenge for
modern parents who are looking for ideas to celebrate their kid's birthday memorable amid
Creative ideas to host birthday party online
How can you convey your love and feelings on your dear one's birthday without being near
them? Well, here are the top 6 memorable virtual birthday party ideas & games in 2020.

1. Schedule the date and time
Imagine cutting your kid& birthday cake when you are connected with your friends and
family members in a video chat. Amazing, isn't it? The first and foremost thing about hosting
a birthday party is to schedule the time that works for family and friends for a video chat.
There are so many video conference platforms available for you to make your kid's birthday
special. Instead of hosting a huge virtual group hangout, dedicate a specific time to each
friend and family member if you think a video call might overwhelm your child. You can
schedule the birthday plan on the same day or throughout the week depending on how many
people you want to involve.

2. Learn to be creative
Ask your friends and family members to decorate the area where they will be taking the call.
The ultimate aim of hosting a virtual birthday party is to make your dear one feel special and
to get them excited about another year around the sun. You can create a cartoon theme for the
celebration, ask them to print your kid's favorite characters, and use them for decoration if
they don't have any party decor lying around their room.
3. Best movie night ever!

Some special moments happen only during birthday parties. Gather your family and close
ones for a virtual birthday movie night. Try something like a Netflix party or a Zoom call to
get the party started. You can even ask everyone to get dressed in their favorite fictional
character. Add additional happiness to your movie night by ordering snacks and cakes online
and get it delivered to your home via online cake delivery services.

4. Virtual birthday gateway
Taking a trip to somewhere special is the most exciting way to celebrate your milestone
birthday. It doesn't mean that you have to scrap the idea entirely just because you can't
physically travel. Celebrate birthday parties fantastically by inviting your guests for a virtual
vacation through online tours and experiences.

5. Virtual Bingo party
Bingo is the most loved game by kids of all ages. It is a pretty simple game for kids to get it
on. Some of the websites like My free, Bingo Maker, and Bingo cards have set up the games
to make it more simple for the kids.

6. Video game party
Several video games can be played together online with ease. If your kids are really into
gaming, schedule a time that works for all the kids to have some fun together.
Birthdays are a time of fun and celebration with friends and family. Make use of the above-
mentioned ideas to celebrate birthdays of your dear ones despite the distance.

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